2017 Ford Raptor | New Car Prep + Opti-Coat Pro

This brand new Ford Raptor came in for Opti-Coat Pro alongside the windshield protection equivalent, Opti-Glass Pro. A must for monsters of this size, this truck will be much easier to maintain in the many coming years.

Our work starts with a deep cleansing of the vehicle to ensure a clean canvas. Beginning with the wheels and wheel-wells, they are pre-rinsed and treated with a mild (non-acidic) soap. The key here is not so much of the soap used, but rather proper agitation. We use a medium width soft brush to ensure every corner of the wheel is reached properly, in combination with a long fluffy bristled brush to reach inside the barrels.

Preparation of the paint work requires a little more attention. We initially wash the truck as normal (pre-rinse to discard heavy debris buildup, sponge application of diluted Optimum No-Rinse), and leave the paint wet. At this point, there is still baked in debris under a layer of wax applied by the dealership which both need to be removed. This is done efficiently with the sprayed-on application of Ferrex, meant to chemically dissolve waxes and particles on top of the paint without any damage and staining to clear-coat, trim, and plastics. We work the Ferrex into the paint with use of a claybar on all painted surfaces as well as glass (as glass is porous, it will still hold onto contaminants and require proper cleaning).

After a very thorough rinse to ensure there is no more Ferrex, wax, or contaminants remaining on the paint, as well as any overspray on the wheels and tires, we give a quick spray of water-based tire shine and plastic dressing to the wheel wells and begin the drying process. The most important part of drying is to not use any drying aids (spray waxes, sealants, etc.) to ensure the paint is as "pure" as possible prior to a ceramic coating.

And we are almost ready! Although this vehicle is only sitting on a handful of kilometers, it was still (unfortunately) slightly swirled and hazy on one of the most commonly swirled places - the side pillars. Scratches such as this are often hid under waxes and coatings applied by dealerships which leads to a pain that keen observers will notice right away after a proper wash on their new car. After some very light polishing, this Raptor is brought up to a point which is much more comfortable to coat.

Our final step before the application process begins is to machine apply and subsequently remove a primer polish meant as the final cleansing layer of all the surfaces which are to be coated. This will very lightly abrade the clearcoat surface to remove light scratches and ensure the ceramic coating bonds cleanly. This step includes the same treatment on the windshield, which would receive its own ceramic coating.

After the coating is applied, what is left is a truly better than new truck, with years of protection to ensure it always looks as beastly as the day it left our shop!