Calipers & Wheels | Opti-Coat Pro

As important as it is for many people to maintain the bodywork of their cars, many people also take pride in their wheels and brakes looking the part. Unfortunately, wheels are always doomed to face abuse and, in many cases, baked on brake dust which won't come out without the use of strong chemicals (unpleasant for both the owner and/or detailer).

Luckily, we have Opti-Coat Pro to save the day again! Upon the wheels being prepped correctly (thoroughly cleaned faces and barrels, clayed if necessary, and dried without use of drying aids or waxes), a ceramic coating can be applied as normal.

While ceramic coatings in general will work very well to keep dust, dirt, and chemicals from staining, Opti-Coat Pro has a couple special advantages. Firstly, as with bodywork as well, only a single application is needed for (at the very least) 5+ years. No layers, and no coming back yearly to have your wheels removed and "topped-up". Secondly, Opti-Coat Pro has the highest heat resistance on the market at 4950 degrees Fahrenheit - your brakes would literally melt before the Opti-Coat is non-functional (for perspective, Formula 1 brakes are known to operate up to the low 3000's degrees Fahrenheit). 

A key thing to keep in mind, is that a ceramic coating is not a save-all and your car would never need maintenance again. Proper washes are still required, it is simply the case that your job will both get immensely easier and produce incredible results, without risk of chemical damages.