2012 BWM M3 | Exterior Refresh!

Talk about an upgrade - the owner of this Le Mans Blue E92 M3 comes to us after having his previous BMW 335i polished and coated with Optimum Gloss-Coat. After being driven proudly and bearing the markings of a 5 year old car, this M3 has a bit of work to go before it can hit the streets with its new owner.

After going through our thorough Opti-Coat Pro preparation, the car is raised on a lift to ensure we have full access to all the lower portions of the bumpers, side skirts, and wheel wells. One of the most obvious defects of this car is the chewed up wheels, which were removed to be refinished.

With the paint prepared for a polish, we can jump right in and begin testing different combinations of polishes and pads to see what agrees most with the paint of this car, while staying within the agreed upon limits.

A strong advantage to having a lift is obvious right away - we are able to efficiently correct the lower half of the side skirts at eye level with a 3 inch polisher. This achieves a very even finish on every painted surface of the car. Another advantage to working at this height, we quickly polish the entirety of the exhaust tips to ensure they look brand new from (literally) any angle!

Once we reach the desired level of clarity throughout the car, the paint is given a final cleanse with Optimum Paint-Prep, a mild alcohol based cleanser, to ensure there is no polish or compound leftover on the paint prior to the application of Opti-Coat Pro (this step is non abrasive, unlike the use of Optimum Primer Polish which is ever so slightly).

With the car polished and looking 5 years younger, protected with Opti-Coat Pro, and lastly wheels refinished back to their original look, this car is all ready to turn some heads on the streets!