Optimum No Rinse

In a market flooded with vehicle washing solutions and soaps, it is never an easy decision when it comes to setting your loyalty. While some choose the path of more traditional methods like "Wash n Wax" from the local box store, others simply use dish soap.. *CRINGE* there are an endless range of products to choose from.

Our choice for washing solution comes (unsurprisingly) from Optimum Polymer Technologies. We choose their 'No-Rinse' (We've been using for over 4 years exclusively now) over other soaps for three main reasons: safety, ease of use, and quality of finish.

As the name suggests, this product is not to be rinsed off the car once applied - simply follow up by drying. This works safely because this solution is a polymer rather than a soap. It works by encapsulating dirt within itself and pulls it away from the paint, unlike most soaps which break down dirt and leave it be (thus requiring a rinse). The major benefit here over soap is the safety it adds during the drying stage. The No Rinse Solution (ONR) leaves behind polymers' that act as a lubricant, which helps avoid wash induced scratches while drying (80% of wash marring occurs during drying, NOT while washing as many think). ONR works by encapsulating debris within its polymers, and suspending it off the vehicle. The majority of the debris is pulled into the wash media and released into the wash bucket, the rest can safely be absorbed into your plush drying towel.

While this may not feel safe (and certainly took us time to adapt to - we found ourselves double checking paint after a wash), it has proven again and again to be one of the safest methods of washing a vehicle. The issue ONR solves vs soap is lubrication during the drying process (once your rinse the soap away, there's nothing to lubricate the drying towel which may cause scratches).

              No-Rinse applied by sponge

Cars caked with dirt should still be, as with any soap, thoroughly rinsed rather than scrubbing spots, which could lead to scratches being left behind.

Another advantage of No-Rinse is its flexibility of use. We have baffled and shocked many enthusiasts when they see us using the same polymer solution we just used to wash their vehicle, and proceed to clean their windows, door jambs, and interior panels. ONR doesn't harm or streak interior surfaces (in fact ONR has some anti-static properties), ONR is great for removing light dust from panels, and leaving windows perfectly clear.

The only real downside we have come across for this product is its availability - it cannot be found nearly as commonly as others. Typically found only in boutique detailing stores, and on the shelves of Opti-Coat Pro certified detailers (we carry this in our store for instance).