2018 Audi RS3 (x2!) | Opti-Coat Pro+ & XPEL Ultimate

We have had the luxury to receive two brand new Audi RS3's - both part of the first handful delivered to Canadians, and both in for the protection dream team! 

Both cars received an initial new car preparation (stickers and tape safely removed with steam to ensure no scratching, and interior cleaned/conditioned), followed by a decontamination wash to remove any dealer applied waxes. 

After preparation, both cars have their paintwork further prepped with a single stage polish. The light polish done at this step is standard practice before the application of Opti-Coat (and thus included with the coating), and also ensures any film applied to the paint bonds perfectly without obstruction from wax residue, or leftover dirt/grime/tar.

All the film work follows the polish now that the surface is spotless, including tint installation to make the windows evenly colored. Both cars receive XPEL XR Prime ceramic tint, to provide interior protection from leather-damaging UV rays while keeping the interior cooler in the sun, and XPEL Ultimate paint protection film for a nearly film-less appearing finish. 

The final touch on both cars is the application of Opti-Coat Pro+ on the entire exterior (including film!) to further the protection and ensure a glass like finish for years. Opti-Coat, compared to other ceramic coatings, bonds exceptionally with the paint protection film on a molecular level rather than acting as a layer on top of the film, which would wear away and give the film a 'cracked' appearance. This allows the film to receive the full protection of Opti-Coat as paint, rubber, vinyl, plastics, and fabric normally would.