Ferrari F430 Scuderia | Opti-Coat Pro Plus + XPEL Ultimate

To kick off our 2018 season, we received a very special delivery in all its carbon fiber glory - a 2009 Ferrari F430 Scuderia. In need of a refresh, we were tasked with first removing all of the old, dulling film.

Using high pressure & low moisture steam, this was easy enough to accomplish while minimizing the amount of glue left behind. The heat of the steam warms the glue enough to remove its 'bite', while the pressure and moisture does a good job of penetrating the porous film, making it malleable and easy to manipulate.

After residual glue is removed, the next step is our decontamination process (washed, clay-bar with Optimum Ferrex) followed by a thorough paint correction. All of the exposed carbon fiber panels are polished lightly (interior doors, seat rears, door sills, underbody front & rear diffuser), to bring them to an overall better than factory appearance (these areas which are softer, are often dull and/or contain holograms from factory polishing). The wheels are removed to be decontaminated separately, while the calipers are polished and given an application of Opti-Coat Pro to keep them glowing.

Once the polish is completed, laying of the paint protection film can begin! One of our most thorough jobs to date, this Ferrari receives film on every painted surface (including the underside) as well as the front and rear diffuser - to keep the carbon from scratching and getting dull again. Interior door sills receive the same treatment to minimize the risk of damage when entering and exiting the vehicle.

Lastly, our trio of Optimum coatings are applied to all surfaces - interior suede and seat fabrics receive Opti-Guard Fabric, leathers receive Opti-Guard Leather, and all plastics, paint, carbon, and the entirety of the engine bay receives Opti-Coat Pro Plus.

Protected beautifully, this powerhouse is ready for anything!