Ferrari GTC4 Lusso | Opti-Coat Pro Plus, XPEL Ultimate

We recently had the pleasure of protecting a 2019 GTC4 Lusso inside and out with the best we have to offer - the customer came with the desire to keep the car safe from (almost) all of the threats of daily driving.

Beginning with our preparation step, the car is given a full decontamination to remove any waxes applied by the dealership before delivery. This allows us to see the true condition of the paint to determine the amount polishing necessary to achieve a glass like finish. Our new car decon process consists firstly of a normal No-Rinse wash to remove surface dust and grime, followed by a Power Clean bath to strip any wax or thicker grime that may have remained. Lastly the car is gone over with a clay-mitt and Ferrex to pull caked in particles out of the surfaces and glass.

Once the car is clean and on our lift, we remove the wheels to prep independently in a similar fashion to the paint (allowing us to reach inside the barrels of the wheels efficiently and prepare the brake calipers at the same time).

For maximum safety, at this step we measure the paint thickness every few inches around the entire car. Even for a new car this is a critical step, as the customer would never know of issues possibly encountered during the build process of the car which led to some panels being repainted or touched up improperly. Paint drips and dust in the clear-coat is normal to a certain degree, and we note any imperfections we find here.

Next up the car receives a single stage of polish on most panels to both brighten the paint further and give it the final decontamination step before paint protection film is applied.

Once all the prep is complete, we begin our film installation process to the entire exterior, as well as underbody painted panels. Unlike other PPF works on this car we’ve seen, we choose to do the hood of the car in a single piece so to make it unnoticeable. Achieving this without overstretching the film results in a flawless finish without the risk of the film lifting in corners over time.

At this point when the car is set to remain dry after all the film has been applied, we prepare the interior with a thorough leather cleaning (and this car has a lot of leather!) and brush the fabrics. Opti-Guard Leather & Fabric is applied on the entire interior, followed by Opti-Coat Pro Plus on the entire exterior (including brake calipers and underbody film).

To wrap it all up, Opti-Glass Pro is applied to the windshield, and she’s ready to hit the streets!

Joseph Helstab