Scrape Armor

Scrape Armor

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Scrape Armor is a product designed to protect your lower front bumper from damage caused by steep driveways, low curbs, speed bumps, and more. It’s mounted to the underside of your bumper utilizing the existing factory hardware and a few additional fasteners.

Scrape Armor is also backed by a Lifetime Guarantee. If your skid plate ever wears down to less than 0.2mm, they'll replace it for free.

Scrape Armor is design to specifically fit your vehicle. They 3D scan each vehicle to give Scrape Armor over 1 million data points to ensure a precision, seamless fit every time.

Scrape Armor is low profile, difficult to detect, and has an OEM look that doesn’t detract from your cars aesthetics.

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*Please Note: Professional installation is recommended, and available at an additional cost - If you’re interested in our installation service, please select local pick-up at checkout and call (647) 378-4038 to schedule installation.

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